Dragging subtasks to re-order on mobile


You are able to drag tasks, however, within a task it would be nice to be able to manipulate subtask order as well.


HI @Pierce. You should be able to reorder subtasks just as you would reorder tasks in a list. Is this something you’re unable to do? If so, it could be a bug.


Hello I’m having the same issue. On mobile, i can drag tasks but not subtasks. I have iphone 6. What is the fix?


My mistake, folks. Looks like we don’t yet have this functionality on mobile. My sincerest apologies for the confusion.

I hope that the ability to do this on the web app will suffice for the time being!


On Android at least, subtasks can in fact be dragged: tap the Edit icon on a task > tap “X Subtasks” > drag and re-order.

Not sure if this work on iOS as well, but it’s worth a shot!