"My Tasks" in mobile - much harder to drag tasks up/down

Before you could hold your finger down, grab a task and drag it up/down the list. With the new update, it’s much hard as a new sub-menu comes up immediately after holding your finger down. Also, in the sub-menu, the first option is “Mark Complete”, which is very easy to press mistakenly and then the task disappears from my list.

Small thing but frustrating and I often juggled my tasks up/down the list multple times a day… now much harder.

I am having this same issue on my iOS app.

This post said the new update allows dragging and dropping tasks in My Tasks, but I am not able to do so.

I am working with tasks that all have the same due date, just trying to reorder them for how I plan to execute them today.

When I long-press a task, a menu pops up (as stated by the post linked above). However, if I don’t long-press and try to drag a task quickly, the entire list view scrolls up or down.

I miss this feature on my phone. As a workaround, I have been drag-and-dropping on my computer then checking tasks off on my phone, but that is not as efficient if I want to change my plan while on the move. Thanks in advance for your help!