Adding a form to Task

I have developed a form when trying to create a task template, however I cannot see this form or where it lives. Is there a way to add a form to a task and not a project? Is the only way to utilize this is through google forms?

Hi @Kenny_Hines, welcome to the community.

The form will be created at the project level, not at the task level. If you want to include a form within a task you create you would include the URL in the task details.

If this doesn’t answer your question, could you please some additional context as to what you are trying to accomplish and your use case so that we can maybe provide you with more assistance?



Hey @Kenny_Hines Under Customize you will see all your forms. You have two options from here. The pencil will allow you to edit the form and the arrow in the box will allow you to open the form to share with others so they can fill it out.

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