Edit a template from within a task, make it easier to access tasks and forms

I am new to Asana and was creating a task template and accidentally backed out and now I can’t access that template at all. It would be so much easier if I could get back to the task template from within the task I"m creating. Or, for example, when I’m trying to attach a template to a task, I could hover over it and open the template itself.

I also cannot find any of my task templates or forms that I’ve created. I was hoping I could make a form and then attach it to the project as a resource so team members could make requests, but now I can’t find the form at all, I can see that I can attach it to a task, but I don’t want to do that. I see in the tutorials it shows “forms” as a menu option across the top of my project, but that doesn’t exist for me. I only have: Overview, list, board, Timeline, calendar, workflow, dashboard, messages, and files. I do not have access to the templates or the forms at the project level or any other level.

I would much rather have an access point as the admin for all my forms and templates that isn’t within a project. I think this should be at the account level. I do not want my staff editing the forms I create, so there’s no need for them to live in the project.

That’s an old tutorial, forms and task templates are now within the Customise menu.

Hope that helps.


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