Add Universal Field to Tasks within Project

Hi guys,

I’m looking but can’t find any resource on this - I’m looking to provide a universal field which will appear within every task and be consistent across tasks. For background, I’d like to have a field on each task which will provide an approved creative brief for reference right within the task.

I’d like it to show up like a custom field, and show in every task when it’s opened so whoever is working the task can see exactly what the project expectation is within the task, without having to navigate elsewhere. Has anyone ever used functionality like this or similar?

Appreciate the Help!

-RS @ LW

Hello @Ray_Singleton,

to me that sounds like a text custom field can be handy for this.

Apart from that the task description is usually used for such things.

Now if you always have similar tasks you can also set up task templates or task creation based on rule triggers.

Does that help?

In case that is not what you are looking for then maybe you can elaborate a bit further what you need.

In addition to @Andrea_Mayer’s good reply . . .

If you want this field to appear on every task in every new project, then you could create a Project Template, include the custom field there, and be sure to create all new projects from this template (instead of creating blank new projects).