Add the "assigner" role to the task structure


Right now there are only type of people of a task:

Task followers: get notification if something changes in the task
Task assignee: gets notifications as followers plus when some task is nearly due

There should be another role which is assigner (or supervisor / boss, etc.), which is more closely related to how employee interactions are in real life.

This boss would get notifications when his subordinates tasks are nearly due.
He can get a view of all of the tasks and due dates of only his sub-ordinates

Ideally, he can customize the notifications (like notify xx days before tasks are due, etc.), but these are not specifically for task assigners but all users in general.



I think that’s a good idea.

In the mean time, I would suggest the following alternative. A search.

  • Assigned To: All users the supervisor is responsible for.
  • Sort: Due Date
    You can further refine to fit your needs and save that search to reference as often as needed.

It won’t generate notifications, but supervisors could check it on a daily basis.