"Add task..." field adds new row in the wrong place

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While in List View, with “Sort within sections disabled”, when I click “Add task…” in one group, Asana will add a new task to a different group.

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Hello @Alex_asana welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Do you have any rules running that might move the task?
Have you tried this in another project also to see if the same is happening?
Here are some more troubleshooting steps that you can check such as updating your browser, clearing cookies, etc


I turned off a rule and will try running in a similar project to see if issue persist. Thanks.

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Hi @Alex_asana :wave:

I just wanted to check on this. Are you still experiencing the issue?

I don’t think so. Turning off the rule seems to have fixed the issue.

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Great news! Thanks for the update @Alex_asana :slight_smile:

Marie - Actually, sorry: The error still persists even with all rules deleted. Here is an image of the new tasks being added to a different section:

hi @Marie Do you have any additional guidance for this bug? Thank you!

Mmm. Are you able to reproduce this in another project?

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