Add slack post after form has been submitted

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Is it possible to create a slack thread after a new asana form has been submitted?


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That is a great question. While currently there isn’t an option to have a slack alert when a Form is submitted, it is possible to receive notifications on Slack when a task is added to a Project. To do so, simply link the project to a slack channel. Once you link it, this channel will receive notifications when changes and updates are made to the project, including task created after a form is submitted. Please have a look at the following guide article for more information:

I hope this helps Martin but please let me know if you have any follow-up question!

Hi Natalia,

Is there any way to either:

  • have all slack messages associated with a single task get added to the initial post as a thread?
  • Or Turn off some notifications so that we’re only seeing the initial post in slack/

Our problem is that all the slack messages getting created is a bit verbose and makes the channel very hard to digest.


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Hi @Natalia - the link you mentioned in the accepted answer results in a 404. Do you have a new link?

Also, I wasn’t sure if I should post a new topic but do you know if the Asana API supports working with Forms? The developer docs search wasn’t working when I tried to look.

I’m wondering if after a form is submitted, I can POST to a webhook (i.e. hit an endpoint that posts to Slack)

I am also wondering about this. Link is not working.

Hey @Mats_Alfsen, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

It seems you will be able to find the info under this link now: Slack + Asana • Asana Product Guide