"Add Section" shouldn't be tasks on a todo list


Just in terms of list management, all of the sections, are listed like they are tasks to be completed, but really they are just there to organise the tasks into sections and categories with projects

Now MAYBE some people want to the section to be able to have a due date perhaps, but by default, this cannot be given a today, upcoming or later on assignment, so it just lives in the new tasks, even though all the tasks with the section have been given due dates and such.


I don’t understand the request - you mean you shouldn’t be able to add a section in your my tasks list? I use sections in my ‘Today’ part, to note tasks that are for the week vs timed tasks (if that makes sense).

I’ve never seen that a section can’t be assigned today/upcoming/later, but then we don’t assign sections from projects like that.


yeah, I couldn’t explain it too well. I have attached a screenshot my
tasks as I couldnt see how to add the screenshot to my original post.

As you can see, they are all just listed at the top.

They are created as sections within the projects, but they are also just
appearing as empty sections when you view all of the tasks for today.


That doesn’t seem like it’s working as intended - have the sections there been assigned to you?

Gonna ping @Alexis about it cause this might be a bug.


Actually, those sections had been assigned to me. I removed the assignment
of them to me, and they went.


I would like to ask about the upcoming section.

does upcoming mean, tomorrow onwards for a week. What is the measuring time
scale between upcoming and later on?


It’s a manual thing, but I think the common use (for me too) is Today = today, upcoming = within a week (7 days) and later = everything else.


@Terry_O_Connor - I totally agree with you. There’s no good way to utilize the sections view to organize content while also using the “Due Date” sort function. I don’t want to assign a due date to my section header, because it would quickly turn into an overdue task to stay at the top of my heading, which defeats the purpose of the tool!

Would upvote this a bunch if I could.