Add back 'Project Owner' to drop down when setting Team Members' permissions

Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

Hi @Kristie_Howze

I was wondering the same thing actually!
I assume since the revised permissions introduced the ‘Project admin’ level, this was ‘conflicting’ with the ‘Project owner’ which seems to have been downgraded to a ‘special’ project role.

:bulb: However, once an ‘Editor’ or ‘Commentor’ is set as the ‘Project Owner’ they are immediately upgraded to a ‘Project Admin’.

So in order to set the ‘Project owner’, you will need to have a ‘Project admin’ permission level in order to see/access/edit any of the below:

  1. Project action menu (dropdown on the right of the Project’s name) and ‘Edit project details’

  2. Overview tab of the project under ‘Project roles’ section. Click on a member to set the project owner.

  3. In Portfolios, via the ‘Owner’ column.

I have moved your post to the Product Feedback section so that you and others can vote on this getting reinstated, although, for the reasons I mentioned above, I doubt Asana would decide to so do.

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