Add auto-field for "submitted from form"

Is there a way to show/filter all tasks that were submitted via a form? We have a project board that people submit tasks to via form, but also manually. We also use rules to move tasks to different project throughout our Asana instance. I’d love to be able to filter all tasks, no matter what project they are in, that were submitted from a specific form.

Hi @Rachel_Hazen and welcome to the forum!

There’s no explicit field that identifies whether a task was added via a form. However, Asana adds a standard footer to the description field of all form submission tasks, so if you search for tasks containing the string “This task was submitted through”, that should get you all form submissions. (Assuming that no one has edited a description to remove that footer text!)


Thanks Phil. This is helpful for basic searches, but I also want to see which items in my project are NOT submitted via the form. I can’t exclude text from search which makes it challenging.

I also looked into setting up a rule using the “this task was submitted through” text string, but there’s no option to trigger a rule off of “description contains.” It would also be great to have a rule trigger off “form was submitted” or something.

Hi @Rachel_Hazen,

Well, our Flowsana integration could help you here. Flowsana has an “If task is a form submission” rule trigger condition. You could use this trigger to set a custom field - create one called, for example, “Is a form Submission” with one dropdown value of “Yes” - then you could use Advanced Search to find tasks where that custom field is not set to a value of “Yes”.

Flowsana also has a trigger condition for “If task description contains [some word or phrase]” which you also mentioned, but you probably wouldn’t need that if you use my suggestion above.

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