About Airtable and Softr for DEVing a Client Portal

Hi guys …

So I am trying to DEV a tech stack that can pull from Asana project data and put it into a Client Portal that I DEVed with Softr and Airtable. I want clients to have a portal like this The App I built so they can access all their formals, and contracts, keep track of their projects with us as managed in Asana, and request edits or comments.

I’ve also deployed Flowsana and I’m hoping this can be a part of the tech stack too.
If anyone has any experience with these or something similar, please do share.

I need to now begin trying to connect to Asana because while Asana does not push to the APPs for the Client Portal, Airtable does pull from Asana so they say. Softr has a page that makes you think it’s a current live APP for asana, but at the bottom of the page it says coming soon … that really pissed me off as I had built the APP already. But there’s hope that Airtable appears to be able to pull from Asana, then from Airtable it can be pushed to Softr.

Again just looking for some feedback on what I’m trying to do.
Hopefully, I can get some ideas or help.
Time is money.

Thank you very much for reading!

Hi @Support_At_BDMA,

I’m the creator of Flowsana; not sure exactly how it would fit into this use case but happy to add some value if it can!

I see that Airtable doesn’t have a 100% direct integration with Asana but goes through Zapier. But that will hopefully be fine for your needs. Before you do that, though, I would contact Softr about the “coming soon” - perhaps they can give you early access to a solution or perhaps it’s right around the corner and worth waiting a short time for.