Ability to sort tasks by due date in tag view

When clicking a tag to view all tasks with that tag attached, it doesn’t seem possible to change the sorting order to “by due date,” like is possible in project view. I’m not sure if the order is random or maybe by date the task was created. It would be great to be able to change the sorting order here too.

Jeremy, I agree. This is a much needed feature. I would like to be able to sort tasks in the tags page the same ways we can sort them in projects. It appears that this used to be a feature but was removed.

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Would be nice if we could order our tasks by date when looking through a TAG. It already get grouped but I have to manually adjust the order of the tasks by date.

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I have merged your post with an existing thread requesting the same functionality to avoid duplications. I hope it’s OK.

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I could really use the tag sort by date feature as well. I have various managers that need to see their group tasks from one project. I do this by adding a tag for their group. It helps the managers prioritize where to focus more quickly if the tasks by tag were in order of due date. Hoping this gets implemented!