Ability to search without needing to type the full word

Has anyone else noticed this? I used to be able to type in just parts of words in the project search box on a task to find the project I wanted to add a task to.

For example, if I had a project named “Conversations With Bob,” I could search for “conver bob” and the “Conversations With Bob” project would appear. It was great! I didn’t have to type in the full word “conversations.” I have multiple projects with this same naming convention (e.g., Conversations With Jane, Conversations With Jack), so it made it really easy and fast for me to get to the right project.

Now, I have to type in the full word “conversations” before I can type in “bob” to find my “Conversations With Bob” project.

Anyone else notice this? Asana: any reason for the change?

I don’t replicate this - I can type “conver bob” or “bob conver” or “bo conv” or “conver” and get “Conversations With Bob" as a search result. So, not sure what is going on, on your side.

@Will_Reade15, You could try these troubleshooting steps, then 1) Report your problem by going to Report a Bug, clicking the New Topic button at the right, and following the instructions, or 2) To create a support ticket, go to www.asana.com/support (make sure you are logged in to Asana) > click the chat icon at the bottom right > type “speak to an agent” > click “Yes” > click “Something Else” > click “Create a support ticket.”



Hi @Will_Reade15, thanks for reaching out! The behaviour you currently see is part of an experiment we are running in the Asana search. The test will run for a few weeks for 50% of customers. I’m checking more details about this test with our product team and I will comment here once I have more information.

I will move this thread to our Product Feedback category so we can gather all feedback! Thanks again for sharing your use case with us.


@Emily_Roman Thanks for the update! I thought I was imagining things. :joy: I’m looking forward to hearing more about this.

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@Emily_Roman I guess I should have provided my feedback. :joy: I don’t like the change. I was really fast at finding the project I needed because I knew I could type partial words to get to the project I needed. I hope that helps. :sunglasses:


agreed. partial term search is the way to go!

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I wholeheartedly agree with @Will_Reade15 about the importance of partial search terms.

I want to also add, it would be incredible if in advanced search, we could specific a search term SPECIFICALLY for the task name, or for the task description, or for the comments, rather than a big generic “text” field at the top that might pull from any/all of those three elements.

For example, I might want a search that ONLY shows tasks with “QA Check 123” in the task name, but NOT if it’s not in the name and only in the description.

Hoping :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, our product team has rolled out this experiment and you should now be able to search without needing to type the full word. Thanks again for sharing your feedback with us! :slight_smile: