Ability to Search for Milestones

Searchability. We now have a new type of task, a Milestone. It is a special task type that carries more weight (per Asana) than a regular task. So I would like to search for Milestones. That way I can review and manage them all in one place. However, it appears that Milestones are treated as ordinary tasks in searches.

Workaround: Whenever I create a Milestone, I will also tag it as a Milestone, so I can find it again, reliably. :expressionless:

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Hi @Stephanie_Oberg, and thanks for your feedback!

I’ve moved your post to a brand new thread to allow other users to vote for this specific feature request following the launch of Milestones; hope you don’t mind!

Hello Stephanie!

I would love to dig a bit more into how you are currently using Tags. Could you explain the value of tagging Milestone task with a milestone tag? Thanks in advance.

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Sure. It’s quite simple…the tag would enable me to find all tagged milestones in an Advanced Search…assuming I am diligent in maintaining those tags. (Right now, there is no other way to find Milestones.) It’s helpful to use such a search, as then I can:

  • Look at all my milestones in one place…do they make sense? Are they complete and consistent?
  • Bulk edit them (such as to “multi-home” them in other or additional projects - as that is the only way to see such milestones in other projects)
  • Export them

Please note that I don’t think tagging “Milestone” type tasks with a tag that says “milestone” is a great thing to do. It isn’t. I would much rather run my searches off of inherent properties of entities, not off of logically superfluous tags that I have had to create, manage and maintain. It’s just not possible right now. Asana’s data model treats every instance of filtering or sorting of any field or property (such as the unique Task type of “Milestone”) as a special case, requiring a special new feature to be developed for it.


Thank you for that nugget of insight. That was incredibly helpful.

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Was just thinking about doing this same thing – but I worry about the risk for inconsistency in maintaining those tags that would lead to my search reporting out incomplete results that lets milestones slip through. Agree this is the best solution without a milestone-specific search but carries the risk natural to duplicative and manual categorizing. In any case, thanks for posting and explaining your workaround approach!

Happy Friday folks! I’ve some great news for you, Milestones are now searchable via our Advanced Search :tada: As usual, we’re rolling out this update gradually, so if you don’t see Milestones in your Search results just yet, don’t worry, they will be soon available to everyone!


That is wonderful news Marie! I don’t have access yet but I am happy to wait patiently as one of my small dreams has come true. :smiley: I appreciate the responsiveness.

Going forward, if you could share the idea with your team that every attribute of data that is touched or manipulated by users should also, as a matter of routine practice, be searchable (and filterable and sortable) by users, that would make me even happier.


Nice addition. :clap:

Keeping advanced search one of Asana’s strongest features. :muscle:

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Hi! I wasn’t understanding why it was still not rolled-out for me, now I see it is under FILTER > MORE > MILESTONE. I was expecting this to be more prominent and at the level of the TASK / CONVERSATION at the very top (I never search by conversation for example as our organization rarely relies on them) but Milestones is very very helpful!