Special characters are ignored when using Advanced Search

We are using the bracket to identify the milestones’ tasks and decisions’ tasks using [MILESTONE] and [DECISION]. When searching for those specific terms with the breacks, the results will show all the tasks that have those words without any brackets. Is there a way or a another character that we can search for the terms and only get the tasks that have them?

I know I can use tags but having those mention at the beginning of the task name is easier to spot on the list view. There are other examples in the Asana template that use the brackets for the [READ-ME], this is were we got the idea.


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Hi @Francois_Pare and so sorry for the trouble!

I just tried to reproduce on my end, and the Search seems to return tasks containing [MILESTONE] and [DECISION]; could you please send me a screenshot of your query so I can investigate this further?

Looking forward to your reply!

Hi, I just created a test project to show you.

I used milestone in different task using the brackets only on one task title. One task has [MILESTONE] in the title, another one has Milestone in the title, a third one has milestone in the description and the fourth one has milestone in a comment. The search result for [MILESTONE] give me this. Previously when using the brackets we only got the task with the brackets and not the others.


I did some testing and the search appears to be ignoring most if not all characters. I got the same search results for MILESTONE, [MILESTONE], and %MILESTONE%.

And if you search for just [, %, or any other character I thought of by itself I got a long list of results. I’m guessing all Tasks?

Never tested search with characters before so I don’t know if this is normal.

I got the same results with ( ) \ | ~ ² " « * , they are all ignored. This could be a nice feature to consider thoses symbols in the search.

Got it @Francois_Pare, thanks for additional information.

I’m afraid there isn’t any easy way to exclude search results without special characters when searching for [MILESTONE] example. This isn’t a bug but rather a limit of our Search engine. We will keep it in mind as we work toward improving this feature in the future.

I’ve modified the title of this thread so it better reflects the issue; hope that’s ok!

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Is there any updates on this topic? Seems like still ignoring the special characters while using search API.


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Workaround: I started to use the _ sign for the searching, eg. _MILESTONE

Asana search treats it like the letter and searches only for elements containing _MILESTONE and not MILESTONE

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Looks like search and advanced search still have the same issue.

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