Ability to request an update on a task

SmartSheet has a very cool feature where you can indicate are quest for an update of a task owner on the status of a task. As team manager, I find myself wanting to request my team to update tasks in their boards, but have no way to flag a specific task for an update. This would be a very useful feature, especially for high-priority tasks or new incoming tasks that I need to track regularly.

My workaround today is to send a comment “@” the task owner. It would be simpler to have a built in feature that would flag the task as “update requested” and automatically send this to the task owner. Visually, these tasks would have an icon or color or some way to visually see the requested update. Filtering on these update requests would also be beneficial. Thank you.

Hi @April_Ellsey

You can currently obtain the same desired effect with Rules.
If you have access to rules, you can create one that says:
If a task is added to project X, when the due date is Y and/or when the custom field is marked as Z, then add a comment with the task owner and insert your comment.

This will happen automatically.
I created a random rule with random conditions to show you how you can achieve this. You can of course make the conditions that better suit your paramters.

I hope this helps.