Ability to move comment to another task

Some users are not so structured and put comments into the wrong tasks. It would be great to be able to reorganize these, to keep sender, date/time, etc. correct

Agree. This would be very useful as remote and volunteer colleagues don’t always pay as much attention to where a comment goes.

Absolutely! I just found this as a new user when I realized one task could/should have been two.

Gets my vote - Project Owner should perhaps have ‘moderator’ like rights. I find when working with clients they sometimes don’t think about where they write their comments and that causes all sorts of issues.

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This feature is a must.

Sometimes people make wrong comments that it should be a task. It should be nice to have the option to move to new task. It will help you.

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us @davidperez! We already have a request for this topic, I’ve gone ahead and merged your thread with Ability to move comment to another task to consolidate feedback. We’ll make sure to update the main thread if we have any news about this feature.

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Ok Emily! Looking forward to see this feature…

Where are we at with this?