Ability to turn a task comment into subtask

Sometimes when my team is using asana we see a comment on a task where we realise that the comment is extremely relevant to the main task and a certain action is required, and turning the comment into a subtask would be valuable.


That would be super handy

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I’m finding that often when I create a task, users are raising multiple related points that need individual follow up. It’s easy for these to get lost in an active thread, despite best efforts to word tasks so that we try to avoid this.
It might be a great idea to have an option to convert a comment or reply to a task into a subtask at the click of a button. It crystallises discussion in the main task and creates a dedicated channel for it.

It could even be extended to allow the moving of other comments in the thread that relate to that same task to an existing sub task.

For example - three users start talking about an action better tracked as a sub task. You click the original point and convert to sub task. You then checkbox or individually select additional comments from that thread to move to the sub task.
We grey out those comments with a hyperlink to the subtask tracking them all.

This would create easy de-threading and enable focus to remain on the core objective of the main or sub task.

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Hi @Alexander_Deeney and welcome to the Forum!

Thank you for sharing this great feedback with us! I’m merging it with an existing thread we have requesting the same functionality in order to avoid duplications. I hope it’s OK.

I don’t believe this is planned for the near future but it would certainly be a great idea for future improvements!

Can’t you already do this by dragging the task into the subtask area of the item you want it associated with?

Hi amongmany ! You can convert a task into a subtask, but the suggestion here was to be able to drag or transform a comment WITHIN a task into its own task or subtask,

Found myself in this position a minute ago. This Feature would be a good one :slight_smile:

Building on @Alexander_Deeney’s suggested use case. When I’m creating a task, I use the description to add details. It would be very powerful to have a way via markdown or the editor toolbar to turn portions of that text into subtasks. For example, a vendor recently requested a series of content assets from me via email:

  • I created a task “Gather docs for vendor”
  • I pasted the detail of the request into the task description
  • Added collaborators to the task
  • Added collaborator initials to asset items throughout the body of the description

There was no discrete task items for the team members to check off as they provided there items. Instead, the could just comment and I had to decipher. I could have cut and pasted each item to a task and assigned a team member, but that felt clunk and inefficient.

Ideally, I would be able to mark text in the description and they would show up as subtasks.

Welcome, @anon68145267!

Are you aware that you can copy a set of multiple lines in the Description, open a new Subtassk, paste to it, and it will create separate Subtasks for each line? I can’t think of a much more efficient way to do that (though it could be made more discoverable) and use that approach all the time.

Hope that helps,


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Thank you, Larry! Did not know that, and it’s brilliant. Ability to brainstorm on a “task” (quotes because if it has multiple steps, one wonders if it’s a task or a project, but I GTD digress …) and can copy past to the line items.

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+1 on creating a sub-task from a task comment.

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Hey, it would be quite nice if I could convert a task comment into a subtask with one click from this dropdown:



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Hi @Mate , indeed that would be nice!
I’ve merged your post into this existing thread which already has some votes. Your vote has been consolidated into this thread too :slight_smile:

Note also this, in case it is useful to you:


Has anyone come up with a workaround?

Is there a new development on this?