Ability to move building blocks within a form

Hello everyone,

I have build a form with various blocks and then realised that I need to move couple of questions to the top - reshuffle their order in the survey. Sadly I was unable to do so and had to delete the block and drag a new one to the position I need it in. Is this normal or have I missed something?


Hi @Rashad_Issa :wave:t2:

I’ve tested this on my side and I can confirm that it is possible to reshuffle the form question blocks by dragging and dropping! :tada:

You must have no blocks selected in order to do this, however (i.e., don’t pre-select the block you want to move). You can make sure you don’t have any blocks selected by clicking anywhere outside of the question blocks - then just hover over the one you want to move, click and drag!

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Rebecca_McGrath I just tried - refreshed the browser and I was able to move the blocks. It is though tricky to select he block and move vs clicking to drag ad having the bock shift into editing mode.