Ability to mark tasks as states other than just 'Completed' (e.g. In Progress, Needs Review)

Sometimes while I’m working on a task, I have done my work, but I just may need someone else to review it. In that case, my work is completed, but I don’t want to mark it as complete just yet.

Or sometimes you want to see what task a coworker is actively working on, so you can determine which tasks you should focus on as a result, and vice versa.

Maybe even the ability to add custom states to tasks?

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Custom fields can be used that way but you have to be premium.

There is already a “Mark as Approval” feature, but this feature is a little too complex compared to my suggestion here.

Problem: My boss is always running around and can only check his Asana every once in a while. The team gets the work inside a task done and we need him to review it before it gets marked as complete. This can take a long time for him to see because it may get buried under some other non-review tasks.

Solution: Everyone should have a “Needs Review” folder, and inside this folder are tasks that are marked as “Needs Review” meaning the work is done and it needs a final review.

Now, to mark these, I am suggesting a feature much like the “Mark for Approval”, but this is simply “Mark as Needs Review” and when you click the button a text field shows up and you can @ the user’s username who needs to review it and it will show in their “Needs Review” folder. The task itself remains still assigned to the original Assignee (aka the person who did the work) but the task now marked for review shows up in a specified folder on my boss’s Asana (aka the “Needs Review” folder). Now he can take a break from running around and work STRICTLY out of that “Needs Review” folder so more things can get closed out and marked as done in a more efficient manner. Or say the work day is done and we all go home and he knows he has a bunch of tasks in need of a final review he can sit down and just go top to bottom through that folder reviewing and closing out tasks over and over.

Hi @anon52738830

In the future (hopefully near) we will have more custom field options in My Task to do what I am suggesting below, but without a seperate project.

For now:

  1. Create a new project called Needs Review and set your boss as the owner (set sections/columns as needed)
  2. Create a library custom field called Review Ready with a single select of YES (default will then be blank) and add that to every project that may have reviewable tasks (be sure you are adding from the library)
  3. Create a Rule that TRIGGER when that CF goes to Yes → ACTION multi-home task with Needs Review.

Now your boss only needs to review a single project with just tasks he needs to review. In the Needs Review project, you can set additional rules to add comments to your boss OR remove from that project once he sets the YES back to [blank] (cleared).

As these tasks are multi-homed, any update to that task your boss performs will also show in your projects so no need to bounce between them.


I think a simpler solution than the one proposed is to use tags like NR-PERSON1, NR-PERSON2, etc. One (or more) can be added to any task in any project with no setup necessary. Click on any of the tags to go to that tag’s Tag View to see all the needs-review tasks for that person to action them all, multi-select and remove the tag.

Hope that helps,