Ability to have numbered lists continue in order after an image is inserted in between

When I create a numbered list and paste an image into the task, the following steps start again from number 1. If I try to manually type the next number, it doesn’t convert to a properly formatted numbered list.

Browser version is Google Chrome Version 118.0.5993.89 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I am using the web app of Asana Premium.

TBH, I recall it being this way for years…maybe since the beginning of numbered lists.

What they really need is a tool to select whether to restart or continue numbered lists…like in Windows and so many other editor environments.

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Hi @Ellie_B, welcome to our Community, and sorry for the trouble. As Stephanie mentioned, this is unfortunately a current limitation, but not a bug. I’ve noted your request for our Product team, and will also move this thread to our Product Feedback section, if you don’t mind. This way, other users can vote as well.


Hi Vanessa, no problem at all. Thanks for moving the thread, I’ll wait to see what happens with this request. :slight_smile: