Ability to expand/contract all subtasks in task list at once

Hi, any progress on this feature? It is very tedious to open all subtasks again.

cmon…2 years of waiting for this…

Very needed feature, especially as subtasks are not visible in calendar view. It’s very frustrating using asana without this feature, it adds a lot of friction to the workflow

Hi, bumping on this thread also.

Having ability to overview on the same list the subtasks status and shared fields is essential, and expanding them and contracting to have a quick look on progress is crucial.

Adding to as I see some other features linked, to make a full user value adding different sub tasks levels expand and contracting is definitely a must.

Thank you.

I’d also like to expand/contract all subtasks in the My Tasks view, not just the projects. Otherwise I have to assign myself the subtasks in the task I already created for myself and they won’t be nested

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Until this feature is added, a bookmarklet to toggle subtasks might help in the meantime: Introduction to Asana bookmarklets

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If there are many subtasks in the project:

  • Please scroll to the bottom of the project first to load all tasks
  • It takes some time to click through all tasks, but it’ll be much faster (and easier) than manually clicking all expansion buttons

already 2.5 years have passed.
no update nor reponse from asana.
give up.

only clickup provides this feature.
(asana, trello also does not provide this feature)


It would be incredibly helpful if I could expand several tiers of subtasks down in the list view. I have been switching back and forth from Asana and Instagantt to achieve both views in meetings and it is very difficult. If there could be expanding arrows on more than just the main, parent task, I would be so grateful.

Hello @Pamela_Harasyn
this could be a workaround: Subtasks Expanded in List View as default - #2 by Rebecca_McGrath

Same is explained here also: See subtasks in board or list view (without expanding) - #2 by Daniel_Frischknecht

And this might be interesting for you as well to upvote: Ability to expand/contract all subtasks in task list at once

Also this seems to be what you are looking for: Default layout saves open lists of sub-tasks


A function that would be helpful to have would if there was a way to automatically expand all the parent tasks to show the subtasks rather than having to manually expand each parent task.

This would greatly improve our experience of Asana, especially when we go through the tasks as a team.

Thank you!

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I work with teams that have projects with 4-6 layers of subtasks and the teams I work with prefer them that way as well. Creating dependencies between subtasks of different parent tasks can be difficult at times and checking my work to make sure the dependencies are correct is even more difficult due to the structure. Please please please make it so all subtasks can be expanded and collapsed instead of the first 2 layers within a section. The full table view can feel overwhelming for some, but some of us still depend on it in a lot of ways. I’m happy to share a project I’ve built out as well if it helps. The engineering team is great, but I’m working on projects that span 3-12 months with upwards of 5,000 tasks… all within 2-3 layers of easily accessible subtasks :frowning:

Hi @anon90506053

I moved your post to an already existing topic. Make sure to upvote the request!

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I can’t believe this still isn’t available after such a long period of time


I keep hoping there’s a way and keep searching, is the ability to expand/collapse all subtasks in a project still not possible? :crazy_face:

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Is there a way to have all subtasks on the board view expanded?

Yes, please add me to those requesting this option, what a time-saver this would be. Anything to eliminate a ton of extra clicking would be awesome!


Any updates here? This would be extremely helpful and seems quick to implement

3 years and this feature is still not done?