Ability to deselect "followers" from receiving a notification about a comment I am leaving on a task

Currently, when I create a new comment or respond to a comment someone has tagged me in, a notice pops up that says “10 followers will be notified.” I know how annoying it is for me to get email notifications (or even notifications within asana) for comment threads in master tasks that I have nothing to do with, so I’d like the option to deselect “all followers will be notified” and instead have my comment ONLY notify whomever I personally tag.

Instead, it would be great if similar to Slack, every comment we had the option to select “tag all followers of task” by typing “@followers.” And otherwise, simply be able to tag individual people as needed. I’m sure we all have team members who love to jump into convos they aren’t immediately involved in, or ones who get confused because they think they are being asked something personally, so they respond with “Hmmm…Yeah I don’t know…maybe go with option 3 since you’re asking? I’m not good with creative stuff though so go with your gut!”

And many times, I want to leave a comment on a subtask that doesn’t have to be read immediately, but only needs to be read by the assigned individual once they get around to that task, so it would be great for no one to be “pinged” at all if I don’t tag anyone, even the task creator themselves so there’s not a false sense of urgency created, nor is there a feeling that one must respond with a “thumbsup” to prove they received my comment.

Hi @Carolyn_Eastman, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback! :clap:t2:

I can certainly understand your feelings around unnecessary notifications! Hopefully this is something we can implement for notifications in the future! :slight_smile: