Ability to change due date using short cut keys CTRL-↑UP/ CTRL-↓DOWN

Until recently, it was possible to use CTRL-↑/ CTRL-↓ to change the due date of a task (IF tasks were sorted by due date). I really miss this feature and I wonder why it’s been disabled anyway?

I used this daily, every time I have a bunch of tasks that I never managed to finish and want to finish the next day (or the next week).

When I try keys CTRL-↑/ CTRL-↓, it changes the selection.

The keyboard shortcuts indicate the behaviour should be more like you describe:


Best to pick this up with Asana Support: How to contact our Support Team ✉

@Marie @Vanessa_N FYI

I already picked it up with the support team. There we concluded that this specific feature is not available anymore. Using Ctrl-UP and Ctrl-DOWN does move selected tasks up and down, but not amongst different dates as it used to. Even if you sort your tasts by due date.

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In list view it does, in board view it doesn’t. :man_shrugging:

Really? How? What settings do you have so that you can change the date using CTRL-UP/CTRL-DOWN? E.g. how have you sorted your tasks? I’m unable to change the date, even when it’s in list view.

I meant in the list view it changes the order of tasks, but not in the boardview. Purely talking about task order, not due date.

I had initially tested the shortcuts in the boardview, where they don’t seem to work.

Anyway, I think I understand why the feature was removed. I’m guessing it’s a nice to have that added a lot of complexity in the code.

I am curious though if the order change not working for board view is intentional.

Thanks for checking it. Do you mean that this feature would complexify the code too much and that’s why they removed the feature? Sounds like lazy programming and sloppy app designing to me. Which I wouldn’t attribute to Asana…

Perhaps I should have stated this with less confidence, as I’m only making an educated guess.

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