Ability for third-party apps to perform actions as the "app", not the user

Currently, any API updates, changes, comments etc. are “performed” by the user who logged into the third-party app.

Would it be possible in the future to allow third-party apps to be able to make the changes “as the app”?

As an example, when you create an Asana Rules automation, whenever it performs the action it says it was done by “Asana” not by the user who set up the rule.

I feel like this would be good for a couple of reasons:

  • More clarity for the users who actually made the change (good to know the change was made by a third-party app, not a user)
  • Third-party integrations can get really annoying for the user who set it up because it often automatically adds the logged-in user as a Follower to every task that was updated by the app.
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