A way to push notifications to customers

Curious if there is a way to set certain tasks as milestones so that when they are completed by our managers the related customer would receive updates to keep them in the loop.
It would be great if they actually had a dashboard or something to refer to while the project is being worked on so they can see progress and next steps.

any help or guidance would be sooooo appreciated!

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Couple of ideas: the client can be a member of a project where you multi home milestones only. You can also add the client as a follower of the milestone so she get notified when completed.

You can also given them access to a portfolio. Finally, you can build a dashboard for them, I can create a custom dashboard for you!


Love these ideas @Bastien_Siebman :+1:t3:

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Thank you for your kind response.
I feel Iā€™m too new at ASANA to work out the solutions you mentioned although they sound like we are on the same page.
Lets explore the option of a custom dashboard design!


This is also possible to automate using a 3rd party tool, but there would be a monthly cost involved.

Hi Todd,

Thanks for your response!

Could you refer me to the solution you have in mind for review?

I sent you a PM, @Bob_Norman. Thanks :+1: