A timeline for Roadmaps




We have tried your product, we really like it.
However, we are trying to build a roadmap within your tool and we are missing a timeline where we could see our projects across the year.

How can we set that up?
As we are thinking using Asana on the long term, could you share which new features are coming next?



Hi @aude.gros. There are quite a few ways that you can create roadmaps in Asana. I have several broad resources for you below. However, the community will be happy to help customize suggested workflows to your team’s needs. What kind of team are you on and what kind of roadmap are you planning?

For example, I have a project called Community Roadmap that contains section for each month and custom fields for the type of work. Each task title is the name of a program/project and the description either contains a link to the corresponding Asana project or the task simply contains subtasks for work we need to accomplish.

If you wanted to create a roadmap in this style for a year, you could similarly create sections for each month throughout the year and use custom fields for the type of work or the name of the program/project. If you prefer a Boards layout, I’d recommend creating columns for each month and, once again, using custom fields for more specific organization. Custom fields allow you more complex sorting abilities in the Project view and also advanced search.

I recommend that you take a look at these resources for creating roadmaps in Asana:

Regarding what is coming up for Asana, I recommend you take a look at this thread about the future of Asana.

Please let us know if you have follow up questions. Thanks!


The link to the webinar above is broken. Do you have a different one? Or was there maybe a new webinar I can reference?


Hi @John_Douglas; here is the link you’re looking for: https://academy.asana.com/series/product-use-cases/product-roadmap-course. Hope this helps!