A new quickstart guide (and more!)

Hi developers,

In the spirit of providing more guides, tutorials, and code samples (per responses to our last developer survey), we recently launched some new documentation and an example app to help you build against our API!

  • Quick start: We’ve created an original quick start guide (that entirely replaces the previous guide). This new guide features:

    • How to perform CRUD operations on a task through the API
    • Multi-language code examples
    • Guidance on input/output options
    • Comprehensive links to our other HTTP request tools (API explorer, Postman Collection, client libraries, etc.)
  • Authentication: This new, top-level guide presents the various authentication options available, and details why you might want to use each of them.

  • OAuth: Along with plenty of content updates (and a full restructure), this guide also features a new, open source OAuth demo app.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on these docs, as well as what other developer content you’d love to see next.


DevRel Team


Very nice!