7 day calendar view for iOS (iPad and iPhone)

I’m loving week view, it’s a real game changer for me being able to get a handle on what’s a coming, what’s in lag and to drag and drop priorities in an agile way. Very nice.

I’d love this to be available for iOS. My morning routine over coffee is to grab the iPad and work through the day ahead before sitting at my desktop. I’m finding I’m now doing my daily triage at work instead of out of hours on the iPad which is okay but not ideal.

Workarounds using existing functionality are okay but it’s just not the same. In particular I’ll reorder tasks within a day in week view but that order doesn’t stick in other views as far as I can tell.

Hi @Todd_Davies, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback!

Hopefully 7 day Calendar view is something we can implement for mobile in the future!

I’ll keep you posted and let you know if I have any updates :slight_smile:

Is it only a 7 day calendar or can we plan farther out on this?

Anything in the pipeline to bring 7 day calendar view to projects as well? That would be great.

I’m still loving week view. It’s a shame that I need to bust out a laptop to use it. The mobile apps for ios are okay, but it feels a bit like being downgraded to a microsoft style product.

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Was calendar view ever added to mobile/iPad? This is a really important part of how our team can work and visualize tasks.