5 Minutes with Julien, our Forum Champion


Location: France
Industry: Plumbing and climate control
Asana user since: April 2017

How did you first learn about Asana?

Two years ago, wanting to improve my efficiency and collaboration within projects, I started looking for a tool that could help me and … I discovered Asana! As I realized the possibilities offered by Asana, I began to dream of a deployment through the society to which I belong. Knowing that we are hundreds, that was a big challenge! Those days marked the beginning of what I call today my “Asana adventure”.

How do you use Asana the most?

The number of users has increased in my company, starting with 1 user (me) to around 175 today. Leading the Asana rollout is a great experience for me; it allow me to meet a lot of people and to learn a lot (change management for instance).

In my company, we mainly use Asana to manage projects involving multidisciplinary teams in several places. With Asana, we know who does what by when, on each project.

With my team, we also use Asana to manage our meetings, to follow our product development planning, to list our ideas, … in short, we found many possible uses of Asana, and we still have other ideas to test.

Why did you decide to join the Asana Forum Champion program?

To extend the use of Asana, I needed to make sense, explain my vision to my colleagues, to managers and to the CEO. Thus, I had to master Asana. As I was looking for use cases and feedbacks, I took my first steps in the community. First reader, I went through hundreds of posts because I had to advise various teams with different needs: R&D, IT, HR, Finance, Marketing, … Little by little, I became a contributor, until one day… Asana contacted me… And I became Asana Forum Champion. I was my company Champion, and now my expertise is recognized by Asana guys themselves. Wow! I did not hesitate, and I joined the program to have a glimpse of what is going on behind the scenes.

What do you enjoy the most about being an Asana Forum Champion?

I particularly appreciate being in direct contact with the Asana team. That’s a rewarding experience. But what I also find great is the ability to meet and chat with people from all around the world. Asana is very flexible and there is not a unique way to use it. Exchanging with others to share ideas allows me to enrich my knowledge every day :slight_smile:

What is your favorite Asana feature?

Without hesitation: the auto-promotion of tasks in the MyTasks view, it is magic! I like to see at a glance what I need to do, that’s why I enjoy being able to put a task in the Later section, then, as if by magic, it reappears in the Upcoming section, then to the Today section, just great! Having a clear mind improve efficiency :slight_smile:

Welcoming our Forum Champions!

Welcome, and congratulations, @Julien_RENAUD!

As one who has benefited from your many helpful remarks here, I’m very happy to see this.

Thanks for your time, effort and always-thoughtful comments here,






Julien is one of the best :muscle: