1st impressions

My first hours using Asana.

I had hopes to replace MS Project by using Asana, due to the great advantage Asana has for collaboration. However, here are a few things that I naturally went after and didn’t find, that would make this product much much better:

  1. Allow adding start date in the List View and having Asana to calculate lenght, if it is overdue, etc.

  2. Ctrl + Z (undo): to have a resource to undo, at anytime, anywhere, simply using a keyboard shortcut that is universal.

  3. Drag and Drop: It would be amazing to drag and drop tasks, subtasks, well, to drag and drop anything I want between the tasks, the labels, the active project and the projects in the panel, etc. That makes life ssooooo much easier.

Yes, I now. There might be a way of clicking somewhere and doing the same thing after a few clicks, but that’s exactly what I really would like to avoid.

Last suggestion, bit off topic: would be awesome to have a live ranking/placard of the priorities of the Asana team based on customer feedback. For example:

Ranking Topic Votes Estimate time for completion Status
1 Drag&Drop 27843 20/03/2022 On time
2 Ctrl + Z 22504 15/04/2022 Delayed
3 (add request here) (add votes here) (add estimate date here) Not Started

For all the topics I have searched here, there is a “unfortunately we don’t have that now, but we will work on it”. Right, when?

There is indeed no way, unless using Flowsana I believe, to have start date, end date, duration work together.

We are used to using Ctrl+Z in apps installed on our Mac/PC but I rarely see a webapp implementing Ctrl+Z. That being said, there are probably a few examples, Canva is one of them. Anyway, indeed no Ctrl+Z in Asana.

Well it does already work exactly as you described, with the ability to drag tasks around, as well as projects to reorder the list. What are you expecting?

Asana does not indeed have a public roadmap, and after doing some digging, it turns out almost no competitor does, just so you know. 🗺 Public roadmap: how does Asana compare with its competitors?

Take care!

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Hi @Kleber_Bonitese, thanks for providing this feedback!

We do have an existing thread for your “Undo” feature request in the #productfeedback category. Feel free to add your vote to the below :slight_smile:

hi Rebecca, tks for the comment.

I have seen that, voted and commented. But it is not a general Ctrl+Z for any action as many users are requesting in that very page :wink:

Hi Bastien,

Thanks for your time and attention commenting on this.

My bad about the drag & drop example, it works for moving tasks to other projects, it is a bit painful to move tasks to/from sub-tasks within a project and between sections (I think people wanted something easy as what we have in Outlook or Windows Explorer, where if you hold it over a folder for a little bit, it explodes the folder and you can access sub-folders, etc)

However, allow me to disagree that saying “we don’t have indeed” or “nobody else has it” is a solution.

Asana is awesome because of its innovation on managing projects in team, with real transparency. If no one else does it, even better! That’s a big opportunity to listen to critical customer needs and shine even brighter.

As an illustration, last night I was talking to a friend that is responsible for implementing a structure for Launch of New Products in a new Automotive OEM and my words were exactly: “There’s this cool tool we use at work that allows real transparency in project management for cross-functional projects, exactly as you need, but unfortunately the part of managing tasks is still not as smooth as the project management tools”

So right there is a business opportunity Asana might have lost because of this.
And I might just be an insignificant example compared to all the population of Asana users :slight_smile:

I have worked in Product Launch in a big Automotive OEM, so I know first hand as Asana could solve a multitude of issues (never ending meetings to check project process, conflict between teams, crash of Launch events because of overlooked or uncontrolled tasks, delays in Launch dates etc) and save large amounts of resource (people’s time, money, loss of revenue for delayed production and sales, etc, etc). The fact I’ve been through so many of these is probably why I am here at the keyboard being passionate about how even more special Asana can be :slight_smile:

Maybe you don’t need to go through all the trouble of mimicking MS Project, maybe having an add-on that allows exchanging data between the 2 platforms would already reach it (I won’t risk myself here, because I am not an expert in developing this)

Sorry about the long text :wink:

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