15 members Limit: how to delete old users to give space to new ones

Hi, I’m managing a team of 8 people.
I have members that have left the team and new ones coming.
How can I delete users in order to make room for new ones?
Because now I have a new team member to add but the platform says that I have reached the maximum number of users which is kind of weird because there are only 7 users.
Thank you

Hi @Francesca_Casadei, welcome to the Community Forum!

When you don’t see all users in your Team Settings, I’d recommend checking the full list of users in your Workspace or Organization.

If you have a Workspace, you’d need to access the Workspace Admin Console and follow these steps. Alternatively, if you have a free Organization, you will need to follow these steps.

If you are still unable to find and remove old users, please let me know and confirm if you have a Workspace or an Organization.

I hope this helps!

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