🧪 12 Formulas to get you started with the new Advanced Editor

Hey @Bastien_Siebman , adding a +0 (or any number) after a start/due date or a native time field (Estimate or Actual time) will convert it into minutes, strangely enough!

So then dividing by 60, for example, will produce the value in hours but in a number format with decimals. i.e. 1h30m will instead display as 1.5

Or in my case above, dividing by 1440 (minutes in a day) will display the value in days, again in a number format.

This ‘conversion’ also helps with displaying charts in a dashboard in the aforementioned values, rather than the current native display which is in weeks/days for time, instead of hours per say.
I’ve elaborated on this workaround here:

Oh and 24% tax is a freelancer’s reality in Greece! :exploding_head: