"Your trial is ending soon" email should mention what Organisation/WS it relates to

The email sent with subject “Your trial is ending soon” does not specify the name of the org/workspace anywhere in the email which makes it unclear what the context of this email is.

I was pretty sure it was for one of my active clients (I’m a member of many organizations), and was able to confirm by clicking a link in the email that goes to a “Contact billing owner” page and then navigating to the Home page to see which org I was now in and figure it out. But it should be simpler than this: The org name should appear in the email, I feel.



PS Here’s the entire contents:

Hey there,

All good things must come to an end… well, sort of. Your team’s Asana trial does end in a week, but if you want to keep using features from your trial, check to make sure your team purchased a plan.

If not, your team will get downgraded to a free Basic plan. You’ll be able to continue to work in Asana, but without all the power you had during your trial.

If you have questions we’re here to help—just reach out.

Many thanks,

The Asana Team

Thanks for the feedback @lpb, I’ve filed a task for our team to look into this!