You + Asana, Together: Find your place in our new global community program 🌎


Hey @Kristinn_Olafur – I’m so sorry to hear about this! Unfortunately, we can’t do much about the tiered pricing except relay Ambassador specific feedback (which I’ll be sure to do) and with that, there isn’t a current offer for a single user plan on premium or business. I’ll send you over a message in PartnerStack as well and we can talk further.

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Hi @Kimberlea - thanks for the feedback. Will be waiting for your message in PartnerStack :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @TimTieu - I am having trouble getting into the Asana together program via partnerstack…Ive created my own account and can’t seem to find asana in there? Have not used partnerstack before so a bit out of the loop!


@Laura_P, I’ve just sent you a message with directions via email and connected you with PartnerStack support as well. Thanks!