Workspase different view "table" columns

I have two workspace like 1 and 2.
At 1, in any project i can see table view, I can short by tags
At 2. in any porject i could’nt see “table view”, I couldn’t short by tags

How Could i change to 1st view?

Hi @Attila_Fodor and welcome to the Forum :wave:t3:

The new List view (screenshot 1) has been rolled out to all our users, so I’d like to investigate this further. Could you please share a screenshot of the space in which you don’t have access to the new view? Please make sure to include your entire window and to block out any private info!

I look forward to your reply :slight_smile:

I have two different workspace:

monitor right:
In “SZEGY” - workspace, all of the projects view “smaller” - less colums
monitor left:
In “KicsiCsalád” - workspace, all of the projects view “bigger” - colums like tags, assignee, due date

I prefer the monditor left projects columns list.

Thanks, now it’s fine :grinning:

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