Workspace ID in the URL for quick identification/access

Use a workspace ID in the URL to differenciate between multiple workspace.
app.asana com/0/home/ < first workspace
app.asana com/1/home/ < second workspace
app.asana com/2/home/ < third workspace

Hi folks,
I would love to suggest a better, more reliable way (in my opinion) to manage multiple workspaces.

Context :
I use multipel workspace including perosnal and for multiple compnies or projects (Great to have that built-in btw!)
But depending when / where I open My Asana from bookmark or from the address bar this seems to end up randomly on any of the workspace.

Solution suggestion
(This is outside of any knowledge on how things works in asana backend :))

Use an ID in the URL to identify the Workspace!

For example : this is the link to one workspace :
app.asana com/0/home/1135805825619398

And this is for another one :
app.asana com/0/home/7933536712935

But If I move to a task then the link is undetectable from which workspace it originated/is into. :
link to an example task : app.asana com/0/1201232019364097/1201232011464106

Based on your URL structure here is a suggestions :
app.asana com/0/home/ < first workspace
app.asana com/1/home/ < second workspace
app.asana com/2/home/ < third workspace


How to define the ID ?

Personal Workspace > always.
Then per new workspace added. incremental.

Another option (preferred as it allow cross-user streamlining) would be to have a unique ID per workspace. Globally.

Note to mods : Edit button was unavailable, hence the couple thread created then deleted…

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Hi @Isaie_EPEAK, thanks for reaching out and sharing your feedback with us! You can currently quickly access or confirm in which Workspace you are working by clicking your profile picture. To be completely honest, we don’t have immediate plans to implement changes in the URLs and IDs but I’ll let you know if this is something we plan to update in the future!

Hi @Isaie_EPEAK ,

Thank you for the suggestion!

“for quick access” in the title sounded to me as if you’d like to quickly access pages you want to go to. It can already be achieved by bookmarking or favoriting the destination URL (e.g. app.asana com/0/home/1135805825619398 (user-specific and workspace-specific id) or app.asana com/0/1201232019364097/1201232011464106) (project id and task id).

Instead, your suggestion seems like you’d like to “quickly detect in which workspace the task is in”. Do I understand it correctly?
Do you mind if I rename the title to something like “for quickly recognizing in which workspace the tasks are in”? Thanks :slight_smile:

@Emily_Roman : understood but this is for better segmentation between workspace. also please look at the “context” part, when using multiple workspace, this is a UX mess as it would switch workspace base don different scenario (last one used, etc)

@ShunS : yeas please go ahead an rename / rephrase where needed.
It is more a “quick identification” rather than quick access (while changing the id will give quick access :smiley: but this is more of a side-effect than a real purpose).

The destination URL Bookmark works well but does not totally solve the issue (see the “context” segment referred above)

Thanks for checking this !

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Thank you @Isaie_EPEAK for confirming :slight_smile: I added "idenification"in the title.

I see your point.
I guess Asana wants to keep the app URL simple and short as much as possible by utilizing the fact that every task/project/any page falls in one of the workspaces.
However, some users would naturally bookmark simple URLs such as just “” and it’d be really confusing that the URL seems to open in a random workspace.

Make sense but i had the problem again couple minutes ago when I opened asana and directly ended up in one of my “inactive” workspace < Litterally haven’t checked tasks in this one for weeks.

And the only way to see which workspace you are in is to go click on the profile icon :smiley: