Can you specify workspace when using

Hi, I found out that using this link opens a mask to create a new task, which is what I want.
However, the link loads the workspace that was last selected.

Is there any way to specify the desired workspace in that link.

I tried which did not work.

Not at the moment @Michael_Kratz, but if this is something we consider in the future, we’ll let you know here. In the meantime, I’m moving your post to the Product Feedback category.

Great, thank you @Marie.

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I would WHOLE-HEARTEDLY vote for this, as well as the ability to pass URL parameters to the new task. It would make this feature a powerhouse for cool integrations with other platforms. Until then, it’s a feature with cool potential… but one that can’t do much.

@Marie Does this URL accept any parameter, something like would be amazing.

No, it doesn’t accept any parameters for the purpose of sending specific task properties.

Okay, too bad