Working offline

Thanks for your reply @Phil_Seeman!
Very good to know that is your team focus right now!

Please let me informed about it, I’m really looking forward to

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Keep in mind that Phils reply is over 2 years old.

If I remember correctly, he is currently focusing on Flowsana. Desksana is on a bit of a break. See Phils post below. Development is back on!

We need this… I used Priority Matrix earlier and am used to working on an app rather than browser - it just has a different focus when you have a different window dedicated just for tasking

Desksana was on a break - partly because of Flowsana and partly because I was not happy with the technology stack I had settled on (particularly the technology I was using for the offline synchronization).

But a few months ago I came across a different set of technologies that is much better - so Desksana is back in active development!


Oh, I wasn’t aware.
Sorry for spreading misinformation!

Happy that desksana is back for now :slight_smile:

@Nicolas_Fischer No worries! You did repeat precisely what I had posted at one point. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Phil_Seeman - Any ETA for this desktop app? Thanks!

Hi @Gabriel_Pinoux,

I’m actively working on it (literally) right now. I don’t want to make any statements I’ll regret later, but I am hoping to have to have a very early beta version available for people to start testing by early August. It’ll be a small group to start, gradually increasing depending on how things go.

If you’re interested in testing, please be sure to sign up here if you haven’t yet (I already have over 300 people on the “interested” list but will be sending out a short questionnaire soon to help select the earliest testers).


Filled out the form. Hard to understand why Asana doesn’t just get it together to make a desktop app? Thanks for your efforts.


Hey @Phil_Seeman any news on your developments?

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Hi @Dario_Simionato,

I’m getting closer! Wish I could spend more time on it but am working on it among other commitments. Stay tuned!


We are making the decision to move to Wrike because of this. Two years was too long to wait. It is clear to me this isn’t a priority for Asana.

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I finally get to using Asana just to find out that there is not Desktop app?
Shame, I really liked the interface.


I’ve always used the applicationize method to turn Asana into a desktop app in the past but this article has some other methods too. It doesn’t work offline (as far as I’m aware - haven’t tried it) but it makes Asana it’s own freestanding app on your desktop: Turn Asana into a Windows desktop app » Project Management Pros™
I’m pretty sure Asana used to have this method on the website but I couldn’t find it today (setting up a new PC so starting from scratch!)

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Update - just tried the Microsoft Edge solution and it was SUPER easy. Done in less than a minute.

@Phil_Seeman is there any plans for supporting linux platforms? mainly debian/ubuntu


Hi Willy,

No, sorry, the development tools being used don’t provide support for Linux. :frowning:

ok np, thanks for the quick response :slight_smile: