Working offline

I don’t need a full desktop application to address my pain point here. I’d be extremely happy with an Asana web app that could be used offline and stored in a cache.

I use the Gmail web app in Chrome as my main email client, and it works very well even when I’m not connected to the internet, once I’ve enabled offline mode.


By the way, just learned of Desksana–thanks @Phil_Seeman. Looks like a terrific initiative! How’s the development going?

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Hi @Katriel_Friedman,

Unfortunately at present I’m a victim of my other service Flowsana’s success, so haven’t had the time to work on Desksana that I’d like.

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It’s honestly shocking that 2 years after the initial request got traction there’s still not even an official comment or point on the asana roadmap.

It would at least be good to know if this is something that will come eventually.


Dang, I need this capability right now and I’m so surprised to see at the end of the whole thread, it’s still not possible! Argh!!!

Any update on native Windows app?

Yes, +1 for this please.

+1 for me too. Surely you can work on it offline… GEEZE

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I also need the ability to work offline. Working offline and dark mode are my two top requests for the moment. Help!


Any updates yet??


Any feedback wether there will be offline access available for Asana in the foreseeable future?

This is misleading, actually it is wrong. Just because something is a cloud based software does not mean that I can work offline. dropbox, ownCloud, Microsoft’s OneDrive, also other project management tools such as todoist etc. are all collaborative cloud solutions which allow offline work. The offline-generated status of documents etc. is synchronised with the cloud as soon as the user is online again. That is cloud based software, anything else is just an online-collaboration software.

Please make using asana offline possible asap.

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Hi @Jakob_Schweizer and welcome to the forum!

FYI I’m back actively working toward an initial beta version of my Desksana app for Asana - an outline-based, offline-capable desktop Asana app for Windows and Mac. Obviously I’m doing the offline portion via the synchronization mechanism you mention.


Im new to Asana. Its very sad, that the need of most users including myself to work offline is not solved after 3 Years!

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Agree. This is a reason why I’m looking for alternatives of Asana.