Working offline


It is completely annoying and customer-unfriendly that Asana does not have this feature! Team members in our company are wasting time on planes and drives because they cannot access the software offline! We have been using asana for years and this is super annoying! Especially the in between-moments when you have time are used to check on tasks - and these moments often occur in offline settings.

PLEASE integrate an offline mode into Asana asap!

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+1 the lack of an offline desktop app is holding me back in using Asana - same reason as many others: TRAVELING - not everyone lives with his/her head in cloud

+5 for my team as well

+1 I’m about to fly overseas and was hoping to get some solid project management time in during the flight! Only to find this thread. Would be a big help

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+1 I’m trying to adopt Asana as a company wide system and the main pushback is fro the frequent travelers that can’t access it during trips.

Really need an offline version, specifically for flights and when in remote areas, obviously there is limited functionality offline through the iOS app but effectiveness is limited… Think this should be a high priority item for the development team as time in the air is lost time without this feature… Wish to persevere with Asana, just frustrating that this offline option is still not available


I completely agree and wish Asana could develop this. Asana is built for productivity. Having wifi access shouldn’t dictate whether you can get your work done, especially when used heavily for planning. Using a phone app to develop big ideas doesn’t really work)
Please respond with a progress update and timeline if this is in the works.


+1 some people are using additional trackers because it’s not available offline!


And this post is pretty old, surprised to see a desktop/Mac app has not yet been developed.


+1 again!
Pretty please :smile: Offline would be extremely useful, Mac & PC.
With the prospect of IOS apps being easily adapted for Mac OS now, perhaps this could be a relatively quick fix for Mac’s fairly soon.

Come on guys… The excuse that it syncs to the cloud… Google docs also syncs -You can work offline and the moment you come back online everything is synced.

Yes, I understand that there might be conflicts with two users clicking different things on tasks - but anything like a “warning - this has been modified offline” or something like that would solve it. With all the demand this feature has + your talented team, I’m sure you guys can find a solution!

Even launched a desktop app (which is basically a copy of their website, but oh well, it’s offline!)

Please do something with this!!

An absolute must have feature - often i have time to work through tasks while traveling but not the ability. I hear can do it, i do not want to switch but not having this feature is counter productive…for a productivity tool that’s disconcerting.


P.S. It is a great tool, hence why this is so desirable because I want to keep using the tool.