Working offline

Yes I agree!


Yes! Please develop an offline mode.


There is an existing thread on the topic :slight_smile: Working offline

Hi, we require an offline feature. Is there any update on this? I do not want to have to move our operation to Trello or Monday but this is holding us all back. Please update us. Thank you, Ashley


I have the mobile app but it stopped giving me access to my data recently when on LTE. Is it possible that my VPN setup is the problem? Are there trackers possibly in the iOS app that the iOS Lockdown app is blocking?

Any update on this?

Not at the moment @Tim_Grose but as soon as I have an update I’ll make sure to share it in this thread.

Have a nice day!

This needs to happen immediately

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This is crucial for me too. You folks rock, team Asana! The offline sync mechanics are already in place (implemented in mobile apps). So I’m sure you’ll rack it up in no time once you pull it onto the roadmap :muscle:

What’s the priority of this work right now?


For me Asana is not usable without the offline function.

Please give an official statement, if and when the feature should be implemented?

To the rest of the community: how do you avoid the problem? Is there a “practical!” way to take the tasks quickly and in a structured manner with you to “offline” (and back again?)?


It would be very useful feature, especially during business trips.


100% agreed. In late 2019, this seems like table stakes – core functionality – for a productivity app. The underlying mechanics are already in place for native mobile apps. There’s lots to like about Asana, but this lack of offline support on my main work machine / use case (MacOS laptop) is a deal-breaker. :frowning:


Offline version and sync when online +1
Windows app +1


We really need it too! You’re behind Microsoft Todo if this is not possible…


+1 for offline version
+1 sync when online
+1 MacOs

Going traveling, would love an offline version

An App would be great. Please do this! Trello can.

An offline App is also necessary for us and in our opinion ist is a really urgent issue.

If I’m reading the timeline on the right correctly, requests for an offline app for desktops have been requested for going on 4 years. I’m new to Asana and have been using it for less than a week. Already I’m finding myself needing access to it while offline. Considering the amount of time this has been an issue, is this something you are working on or should I consider moving to a different platform? I really like the functionality and layout, and it has already improved my productivity but I don’t want to continue integrating it into my work flow if I can already see the lack of offline access being an issue. That being said, yes or no, will offline access be available for Asana in the foreseeable future?


agreed. Just brought my team into the system and am considering backing out because of the radio silence on this issue.