Working offline


Totally Agree, there needs to be an offline version


+1 here for desk too offline feature :slight_smile:

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This would be a super useful feature! as i travel a lot and would love to update on my computer for later syncing - evernote’s feature like this is super helpful


+1 agree need offline support like google sheets or evernote.


I agree need offline support like evernote would be awesome!


Agree!! it is really necessary to have an offline app that syncs when you´re back online


Totally agree. So far i really like Asana - BUT the OFFLINE feature is a must have according to all the terrible situations in which I personally don’t have access to the internet.

Please Please Please add it.

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+10 here from my team! MAC offline would be perfect. We have chosen Asana as our BPM and PM tool, using it for 1 year now and this is definitely one of the few downsides for us. Cheers


+1 for offline mode.


I’m traveling soon and just realised that Asana is online only. Ouch


I have a team of 25 that use asana, we all travel and work in places that do not always have reliable internet. This feature would be extremely valuable to us.

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I agree. An offline version that synced when I connected would be so useful!


Yep, would literally be using your platform right now instead of complaining on your forum. Would be a much happier customer if that were the case :slight_smile:


Consider me another vote for offline access. Our company is small, but we all travel a lot and some of our projects take us to places where network access is expensive/slow/impossible.


Offline is critical to anyone that does not sit in one place for the entire workday. Please push an install for Linux as well.


+9999999 OFFLINE! OFFLINE! OFFLINE! :grinning:


Agreed - also working for an NGO in Africa and trying to find a suitable tool to support team in the field and offline is a deal-breaker for us.

I’m going to play around with the Andriod app and try and make it work for now as we are still in urban areas, but when we move beyond our pilot into rural areas I will have to switch to an alternative if the desktop capability is not available because of the amount of travel that our teams will be doing.


Windows app, PLEASE


+1 for a windows app!


+2 for windows app and +1 for mac app.

I work for a global team and we all travel quite a bit. Being able to plan and work in transit or in remote areas where internet is not a given would be so helpful.

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