Working offline



Totally Agree, there needs to be an offline version


+1 here for desk too offline feature :slight_smile:


This would be a super useful feature! as i travel a lot and would love to update on my computer for later syncing - evernote’s feature like this is super helpful


+1 agree need offline support like google sheets or evernote.


I agree need offline support like evernote would be awesome!


Agree!! it is really necessary to have an offline app that syncs when you´re back online


Totally agree. So far i really like Asana - BUT the OFFLINE feature is a must have according to all the terrible situations in which I personally don’t have access to the internet.

Please Please Please add it.


+10 here from my team! MAC offline would be perfect. We have chosen Asana as our BPM and PM tool, using it for 1 year now and this is definitely one of the few downsides for us. Cheers


+1 for offline mode.


I’m traveling soon and just realised that Asana is online only. Ouch


I have a team of 25 that use asana, we all travel and work in places that do not always have reliable internet. This feature would be extremely valuable to us.