Working offline



It’s a most. Have to look for different provider that support offline mode (perhaps like trello) :frowning:


1+ offline is crucial, no question
The first post asking for an offline version was made Dec 2017, more than 6 month ago.
@michael_a : Is an offline app for mac/pc scheduled / in the pipeline …?
We have internal discussion about Asana vs. Evernote vs. Trello … and offline is a key feature
We use all three platforms and I think we decide in Oct which will be rolled out for the company. I would like to see Asana could be the one :slight_smile:


+1 business mission critical for us doing consulting as we have a lot of travel on the go. Please add to roadmap


Pretty surprised to see Asana doesn’t offer this! It seems like a core problem for productivity tools to have some offline mode.


Huh, I guess Trello doesn’t either.


Well I’ll be a blue-nosed gopher


My team is currently considering Asana and has several members that would love offline capabilities (we are a primarily mac environment). We have members who travel a lot, and a few that commute via bus. Being able to update tasks offline while on the bus and having it sync automatically when they arrive at the office would keep with their current workflow which is currently to update offline notes and docs.


I really want to support this thread. I’m a big fan of Asana, as nerdy as that may sound, and it would be amazing to be able to use it offline as a desktop app!
Thank you for your consideration :slight_smile:


For me it is really interesting to work offline. It’s when I’m offline that I can do a lot of maintenance to my lists and have the time to think clearly on the nature of work, rather than the specific tasks.


I would also like to be able to work offline for periods of time like on airplanes and then sync up when I connect back up.


Hi, is there any way to access all projects, and to add new tasks to existing projects while offline? I understand that there might not be plans to built a windows native app, but currently, I’m unable to access my projects while on the plane - where I typically take the time to consolidate and regroup my tasks. I love Asana, but without the ability to work offline, like I do when i’m online, the app is not something I’ll be able to use in the long run.

Native Windows App for Offline Use?

I work in an area that has spotty cell phone and internet service. It would be extremely helpful if I could use Asana offline and push changes to the cloud server when I get connected.


Agree for offline app. Super helpful as on the go travelling to regional areas where dont always have coverage and on planes.


FYI I’m working on a desktop offline solution (that does outlining as well) - currently Windows, with Mac planned for later.


Just wanted to put in my 2 cents as well — having access to an offline version of this on my laptop (Mac or PC) would be fantastic.

Apart from actual travel, I often am bouncing around meetings within the city and don’t always have WiFi. Would love to be able to still use Asana in those situations.


Another huge vote for the offline app. We’re in evaluation on task/collaboration software, and this point alone is looking like it might force us to go with a different solution.


And another huge vote. Working offline can be essential since WiFi isn’t always accessible be it because you’re on a plane or simply because there’s no access or a bad signal.
It would only add to the amazing tool that is Asana if you could use it offline just as neatly. I understand that for example in order for others to get notified an internet connection is crucible. However it would be a huge help if jumping between projects, assigning tasks and so on was possible offline as well - that way you always have your overview and can keep on organising or setting stuff up no matter what.


Would be great just for some parts


I think most project managers view flying time as the point where they can properly review all their projects. Please develop an “airplane mode” Asana - it’s ideal when the phone’s not ringing, and emails aren’t flying in. +10 for the feature.


I agree with all the previous comments. Asana is great, but an offline app is required, for PC/Mac and later on for the mobile phone.

Now I’m using Todoist, Evernote for tasks, lists, notes on projects etc since I can use offline, and online I’m between smartsheet and asana.