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My name is Erica, and I am a Product Marketer here at Asana. Thank you so much for providing your feedback! We really appreciate you taking the time share your needs as it relates to offline mode across the desktop and mobile apps. We have shared these needs with our Product team and will provide updates as they become available!

In the mean while, we are continuing to make our desktop and mobile apps even better! We encourage you to check out our new features and let us know your thoughts!

Except the desktop app is still missing features that the web app has, like video messaging. So…

I’m a project and operations manager about to embark on a nearly 30 hour flight across to Europe. Not having access to Asana offline is a massive burden and such a waste of an opportunity for me to get work done.

I appreciate the appeal of Cloud, but do not discredit old-school, desktop saving!


I would second this. I travel on airplanes frequently and the ability to create and check off tasks while on an airplane and have it sync up later would be huge.


Within our organization this feature is also requested. To work offline in the desktop app when on travels for example

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Same here: We need the offline option!
Obviously the macOS App is capable of keeping offline data and syncing back when online. But it seems that tasks need to opened once before going offline in order to have the data present. Please make a force sync to either teams / projects or workspaces possible.

YES PLEASE!!! We all travel so much more or end up in places with subpar wifi, and offline abilities would be Amazeballs

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As of mid 2016, Asana claims to have implemented this feature in their mobile apps (see enclosed links), but I’ve also heard that this feature is or was limited to spotty connections. Can anyone update me as to the current status of this? Thanks in advance.

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Is the offline mode online available on the IOS mobile app, or does it work on the app to my MacBook Air as well?

I’m going on a longer trip with minimum access to the wifi, so this would be very useful if I can work offline on my desktop.


Ok Asana for some reasons wants to loose clients … seriously :unamused: !!!
How come that 2 critical features are missing (at least) ?
First you don’t provide a proper recurring task process handling and now offline mode is not even available for a bit … make it pay if you want to but make it available … this puts you guys off competition (free benefit to concurrency … why … at such a bad cost moreover)

Ok now, please give us a real good roadmap (with these 2 issues to fix in it) … starting now with what brings me here : “OFFLINE MODE”

Cheers !
We are here.


The offline feature is often requested by our users. Is this feature now available?

It is not, other than in a very limited way. For more info, see:

Offline App is a must. How is this not a thing?


Is offline an option yet? I can’t bring this to my company to adopt if not - just not practical.

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I just saw people have been asking since at least 2019. Disappointing. Guess we will look for another project management provider.

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I take notes in OneNote and love that it can be offline when WiFi is unavailable and then quickly sync when back online. Having the ability in Asana to at least select the projects available for offline access would be very beneficial to our business during travel or in situations where connection to the internet becomes unavailable


I agree with @YADATOV, offline mode is mandatory for confidentiality and being able to use it in corporates


I did not realize how un customer friendly Asana is We will be canceling soon

is it possible to be able to access content with no internet connection? i have the windows desktop app and there are times i need to access but dont have an internet connection.

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Working offline is still a necessity for this software to be useable imo. It is very annoying not to be able to access my projects while on the go! Are there any news as to when this feature will be rolled out?