Will Asana have a Progressive Web App?


Are Asana working on the implementation of Progressive Web Apps?


@Joe_Trollo @Jeff_Schneider @Matt_Bramlage any input? :slight_smile:


Would love this, specially now that Chrome started supporting PWA on desktop as well.

Would save from having to use nativefier.js.


It would be great to have at least the basic support. It is just about adding simple manifest.json file to the website. It would allow people to install the app on desktop, have it pinned to taskbar and simply open it in a separate window that way.


The funny thing is, that I added a shortcut to asana a couple of months back before the PWA feature in chrome was rolled out and now asana works exactly as if it was installed as one via the new feature of chrome. Unfortunately with the new versions I was no longer able to achieve this on my other computers.


You could try to build PWA with frameworks like AngularJS or Polymer.
Also, its good to use such tools as React / Dev Tools / Workbox / Lighthouse.