Why do tasks marked as complete show up in my past due list?

As I understand it, the reason that these tasks are showing in “my Tasks” under “Past Due” is because they have a due date assigned to them (which is now past). What I don’t understand is that the tasks have been marked complete, so they are not past due - as they are complete.

When I go to “My Tasks” I am presented with an expanded list of many many task that are all greyed out (compete) - is there a reason for this? (perhaps I’m not understanding how its supposed to work?)

Do I need to be removing the due date from a task once it is complete? (seem an odd UX) If so is there a way to automate removing the due date when task marked as complete?

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It seems in My Tasks you have no filter enabled to only see incomplete tasks.

Top right there is a filter. On there under „completion status“ select incomplete tasks. Then the completed tasks will be hidden.

For more info see:

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