Why do I see notifications for tasks / projects I am not following?



I get way too many notifications in my inbox. I unfollow almost every task, and I have also gone into the associated projects and removed myself from notifications. Unfortunately, I am still getting notifications for some tasks and projects. Can someone give me a checklist of ways to turn these off? There might be something I am overlooking.


Hi @David_Atkinson1, have you tried adjusting your notifications at the account level?

To do that, click on your picture in the top-right corner of the screen, then click “My Profile Settings…”. From there, you should be able to navigate to Email Notifications and adjust from there.


Are you using templates in your organization? If you are, check and make sure you aren’t following any of the tasks in the template. I assisted in creating and then editing one of our template projects, and any task I created or edited, I wound up a follower for, which significantly increased my inbox traffic.


Hi Drew. Thanks for that. Unfortunately that wasn’t the solution. I have unlicked everything in ‘Email Notifications’


Hi @David_Atkinson1, could you give us an example of the notification you’re receiving despite having removed yourself from the project?