Which is the Task ID in Make / Integromat?

Hi. I’m hoping someone can help.

I’m trying to connect Asana and Make to pull events from O365’s calendar with certain keywords and if those keywords match, I’d like it to then create a new task in Asana under a specific project, which there are many (100+). If, however, that task has an update from O365, it has to update that task.

I’m thinking the way to do this is to log a field from O365 if the keywords are found and the task is created as new as the TransactionID in a column, and have Make then watch for changes, and if there are changes… and if that task already exists, to update said task’s custom columns being found by TransactionID. But how do I find the Asana Task ID? I can’t for the life of me figure out. Asanda is only spitting out existing Tasks by name and not allowing me to map a field or add an input myself.

Can anyone help please?

Thank you

Calling our Make expert, @Michaela_S